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100% Compensation


New claims only with no previous or current solicitors.

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Because of our expertise and that of the solicitor firms we work with, if your case is successful, you get 100% of the compensation received. Just follow the advice of your solicitor.

If your case is successful the negligent party will pay your solicitor's costs so our solicitor firms don't need to take anything from the compensation received.

Get in touch to tell us what went wrong and we can tell you how we can help.

Time is of the essence as claims are subject to limitation periods. Negligence claims must generally be brought within 3 years of the medical injury or three years of knowledge of the facts giving rise to the negligence claim. Persons under a disability (lack capacity) are not subject to any limitation period. Children not under a disability will typically have until they reach 21 to start court proceedings.


Medical Negligence?

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