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NHS Negligence - Meningitis Delayed Diagnosis

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The brain and spinal cord are lined by the coverings called meninges. These can become inflamed causing meningitis. Meningitis can be caused by various agents including infection. Infection includes bacterial and viral.

The most sinister form of meningitis is bacterial meningitis. The features include headache, fever, neck stiffness, and aversion to light. The features vary depending on whether the patient is adult, child, or infant. The younger the patient, the less specific the features. The earlier the onset of the illness the less specific the features. 

Meningococcal meningitis is very serious form which can have a rapid onset; it typically has a non-blanching rash. It can lead to complications including death, brain damage, deafness, and septicaemia resulting in limb amputation. The earlier the condition is diagnosed and treated the better the outlook.

Negligence claims may concern failure to diagnose meningitis; however, early diagnosis may be difficult since the clinical features are undeveloped and non-specific.


If a GP or Hospital  failed to diagnose meningitis you should contact MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE TEAM on 0800 246 11 22 or complete the form below and we will call you back.

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