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NHS Negligence - Missed Fracture

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Fracture – a break in the bone - usually results from trauma. Typically there is pain, bony tenderness, inability to use the affected part, and sometimes deformity; there may be multiple fractures, and associated injury to nerve or blood supply.  A fracture may be suspected on clinical examination, but is usually confirmed by x-ray.

The assessment of an injury may or may not include x-ray.

Fractures may be missed at medical assessment; this may be for a number of reasons including: failure to suspect fracture and so failure to x-ray; not seeing the fracture on x-ray; failing to recall the patient where an initially missed fracture is identified.

A missed fracture may result in persisting pain and reduced movement. It may require surgery when eventually diagnosed.


If A&E missed your fracture you should contact MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE TEAM on 0800 246 11 22 or complete the form below and we will call you back.

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