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Your doctor or GP is the usual route for referral for specialist investigation. Many claims resulting in Doctors being sued can result from your Doctor failing to refer you to a Consultant

Doctors can also be sued for not recognising there is an emergency situation and that they should send you straight to the hospital. 

Claims may involve failure to recognise an acute condition that requires emergency assessment: acute painful abdomen, meningitis, cauda equina, acute chest pain.

Claims against Doctors may include failure to refer where symptoms raise the index of suspicion of cancer, “red flags” for example visible blood in urine, breast lump, blood in stool with a change in bowel habit; persistent cough.

Cancer can affect any organ of the body. Different cancers typically present with different symptoms; some symptoms are considered “red flag” for certain cancers and require urgent referral. For example, blood in urine is a red flag for urinary tract cancer; a breast lump is a red flag for breast cancer. Delay in diagnosing cancer can result in loss of cure so the cancer is incurable; worse symptoms and more extensive treatment; reduction in life expectancy.  

Other claims against general practitioners may include prescribing errors, giving inappropriate medication, incorrect injections being given or complications arising from minor procedures such as burns from wart removals.



ANTHONY BARTONDoctor & Solicitor
Dr Anthony Barton is joint editor of the book “Clinical Negligence” and is one of the leading medical negligence experts in the UK. He is a founder member of the Society of Doctors in Law and will work on your case.
LIZ DURANTExperienced Nurse
Liz Durrant is a qualified nurse with ward based and district nursing experience. Liz’s experience is invaluable in nursing and residential home cases such as pressure sores.
ANDY HOGANMedical Negligence Expert
Andy Hogan manages Medical Negligence Team and if you call us you will most likely speak to Andy, Sue or Liz. Andy has over 10 years’ medical negligence experience working alongside Anthony.

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