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      What is Medical Negligence?

      Simply, Medical negligence happens when a doctor provides care below the expected standard causing injury to the patient. We specialise in 3 types of medical negligence:

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          “Medical Negligence Team Law won my pharmacy negligence claim and I received 100% of the compensation recovered.”

          Mr G.P. , South Yorkshire

          “Medical Negligence Team Law quickly settled my medical negligence claim and I received 100% of the compensation recovered. I would highly recommend them.”

          Miss P.R , North Yorkshire

          MEET YOUR TEAM

          ANTHONY BARTONDoctor & Solicitor
          Dr Anthony Barton is joint editor of the book “Clinical Negligence” and is one of the leading medical negligence experts in the UK. He is a founder member of the Society of Doctors in Law and will work on your case.
          LIZ DURANT
          LIZ DURANTExperienced Nurse
          Liz Durrant is a qualified nurse with ward based and district nursing experience. Liz’s experience is invaluable in nursing and residential home cases such as pressure sores.
          ANDY HOGAN
          ANDY HOGANMedical Negligence Expert
          Andy Hogan manages Medical Negligence Team and if you call us you will most likely speak to Andy, Sue or Liz. Andy has over 10 years’ medical negligence experience working alongside Anthony.

          100% Compensation

          If your claim wins we will pay you 100% of the compensation with no deductions. You get 100% every penny with no deductions. New claims only with no previous solicitors.

          No Win, No Fee

          If your claim wins our costs are paid by the negligent party so you get paid 100% of the compensation recovered.

          Our Expert Team

          Our Dr Anthony Barton edits the leading book “Clinical Negligence”. Anthony and his wife Penelope (a GP) have a combined sixty years of medical and legal experience.

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