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    Medical negligence happens when a doctor provides care below the expected standard causing injury to the patient. Take our 5-minute compensation questionnaire and get your claim assessed within 24 hours.

    We specialise in many types of medical negligence:

    Medical Negligence occur when a medical practitioner through a negligent act or omission, deviates from standards in their profession, thereby causing injury to a patient.

    Hospital Negligence occurs when your hospital has provided a level of healthcare that causing serious harm to people under their care.

    GP negligence is when the care provided by your GP is so poor that no doctor acting reasonably would have provided such care.

    Pharmacy negligence is when pharmacy staff give you the wrong medicine. You expect to get the right medicine from your pharmacist.

    Surgical negligence is when a surgeon carries out surgery below accepted standards. No surgeon acting reasonably would make the mistake which is deemed to be surgical negligence.

    A coroner’s inquest is an inquiry into the sudden or unexplained death of a person. The Coroner’s inquest is only to determine the facts around the death and cannot lay blame.

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    If you have been a victim of any form of medical negligence? We specialise in pursuing damages against negligent healthcare providers. It’s free and easy to speak with one of our team of medical negligence professionals.

    We fight for our clients!

    “My late father had a fall in hospital breaking his hip which required surgery. The fall was due to a lack of supervision. Medical Negligence Team won our case and got us the compensation we deserved. We received 100% of the compensation recovered. Many thanks to all the team at Medical Negligence Team. Would definitely recommend them.”

    Mr D.C., Nottingham

    “Great service and communication from everyone at Medical Negligence Team Law throughout my claim. They handled my claim on a No Win No Fee basis and I received 100% of the compensation recovered.”

    Miss A.W , Liverpool

    “My pharmacy issued me with quetiapine rather than venlafaxine which had a significant impact on my mental health. Andy, Anthony and the team at Medical Negligence Team were incredibly helpful and obtained compensation for the pain and suffering I endured as well as payment for loss of earnings. They paid all the compensation, 100%, to me. I would highly recommend them.”

    Mrs S. R., Peterborough

    “A leaking IV iron infusion caused permanent staining to my arm. I received £13,000 compensation,100% with no deductions. Would recommend Medical Negligence Team to anyone.”

    Mrs R. R., South Yorkshire

    “Medical Negligence Team Law quickly settled my claim. They were friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and above all I received 100% compensation recovered with no deductions.”

    Mr S.B., Northamptonshire

    “My pharmacy incorrectly gave me fast acting insulin causing problems with my blood sugars which made me very unwell for one month until the mistake was discovered. Medical Negligence Team Law quickly settled my claim and I received 100% of the compensation with no deductions.”

    Mr G.W. , Lincolnshire

    “Our pharmacist gave my husband the incorrect medication and while on holiday and taking the medication my husband became seriously ill. We had to rush home from Spain as a result of this. Medical Negligence Team recovered the costs for our abandoned trip and compensation for the pain my husband endured while he was recovering. They were very friendly, responsive and we received 100% of the compensation with no deductions.”

    Mrs A.P., Worksop

    “I am happy to accept the £3,000 compensation, I just want to thank you for helping me with this! Your service has been amazing!”

    Miss M.P., West Yorkshire

    “I required Tegretol medication for my underlying epilepsy and nocturnal seizure control but my pharmacy gave me something completely different by mistake. As a result after many years of having no seizures I had a number of seizures, a fall and needed time off work. The Medical Negligence Team got me the compensation I deserved including money for lost wages. They also paid 100% of the compensation to me with no deductions.”

    Mr J.B., Kent

    “I went on holiday not realising the pharmacy had given me the wrong medication for my Crohn’s disease. I had a flare up and my holiday was largely ruined. Medical Negligence got me compensation for the pain and suffering, lost holiday enjoyment and wasted time off work. I got 100% of the compensation recovered. Really pleased with the service and result.”

    Mr A.J., London

    “Medical Negligence Team Law quickly settled my medical negligence claim and I received 100% of the compensation recovered. I would highly recommend them.”

    Miss P.R , North Yorkshire

    “You guys have been amazing, I would recommend you to anyone”

    Mrs D.D., Hertfordshire

    “Following open surgery in October 2022 I continued to have pain in my wound. It was discovered a piece of drain had been left inside me causing me pain and suffering and the need to have a further surgical procedure to remove it. In June 2023 Medical Negligence Team Law completed my claim and I got 100% compensation awarded. Thank you.”

    Mrs B, Hertfordshire

    “I fractured my wrist and Barts Hospital Trust in London failed to arrange appropriate follow up in the fracture clinic and as a result my surgery was delayed. Medical Negligence Team Law obtained all my medical records and radiology and quickly settled my claim. I received 100% of the compensation recovered with no deductions”

    Mrs C.M., London

    “Medical Negligence Team Law won my pharmacy negligence claim and I received 100% of the compensation recovered.”

    Mr G.P. , South Yorkshire

    “I needed surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. The NHS did the wrong operation first time round and they drained rather than remove the cyst. I then had to have a further operation to do the operation they should have done first time round with significant pain in between as the cyst came back. Medical Negligence Team quickly settled my claim. I received 100% of the compensation and was delighted with the service and communication throughout. They really are medical negligence experts”

    Mrs T.S., South Yorkshire

    “Your care and support was outstanding, making me feel supported and reassured and you kept in constant contact with any worries I had explained and swiftly responded to thank you, would recommend highly.”

    Mr B.H., Brighton

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