You need a medical negligence solicitor when you suffer medical negligence. When you fall ill, suffer side effects or cannot work due to medical negligence, you will need compensation for the injuries and losses.

A medical negligence solicitor will fight to get you what you deserve for the suffering. Your priority is to choose the medical negligence solicitor you can trust and let them handle your case.

You need to know your options when looking for the right medical negligence solicitor. Getting the right solicitor will make your compensation claim go quickly; choosing the wrong one can be a disaster and end up costing you money.

What is a Medical Negligence solicitor?

A medical negligence solicitor is a professional who specialises in medical negligence claims. They will know what to do from day one and get you the compensation you deserve. 

You suffered medical negligence through no fault of your own. Choosing the right medical negligence solicitor will put the power back in your hands, letting you decide what you need to put your life back together.

Every genuine medical negligence solicitor should be part of a team of experts dedicated to your case.

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If you have been a victim of any form of medical negligence? We specialise in pursuing damages against negligent healthcare providers. It’s free and easy to speak with one of our team of medical negligence professionals.

A dedicated medical negligence team

A dedicated medical negligence team will have specialists like doctors and medical consultants as part of the firm. The right team will have all the qualities to make your compensation claim a successful one. 

Your genuine medical negligence solicitor should work with a dedicated medical negligence team.

You will know from day one that medical negligence is their specialist subject, and it is all they do. 

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How does a medical negligence solicitor help with my claim?

Not all firms are fully committed to just one area of law. You want a team focused on your compensation claim from the minute they accept the case.

The Medical Negligence Team has a team of fully qualified medical negligence solicitors who have the knowledge and know how to get you the best result. 

Always appoint a dedicated medical negligence solicitor, and be wary of a solicitor who says they do other legal work as well. Remember you have a medical negligence claim and need a medical negligence solicitor.

Are you eligible for compensation?

If you want to obtain compensation for the negligence you have suffered, we have a simple 3 step process to make sure you get the money you deserve

  • Take our online assessment & speak with our team

  • Our team of doctors and lawyers will undertake a full medical review based on your medical records

  • We will send a legal letter of claim and our solicitors will pursue your compensation on your behalf

All case reviews are 100% cost and commitment free.

What should you look for in a medical negligence solicitor firm?

You should look for the skills in a medical negligence firm to take your case to a successful conclusion. There are several skills to look for and questions to ask before you sign a contract. 

What does a medical negligence solicitor do for you: 

Having expert knowledge and know how

Having the in-house skills to handle your case is essential in a medical negligence firm. You want to know that they are qualified and experienced medical negligence solicitors. 

Ask if the solicitor firm has any medically qualified team members. A full team is a good sign that they have the scale and experience to handle your medical negligence claim. 

A team of legal and medical experts, such as a doctor, nurse and other medical professionals, can examine your case and advise on how to process it.

Has there been medical negligence?

Yes there has been medical negligence or no, nothing happened, is what you need to know from the first meeting. You want the medical negligence team to have the expertise to say whether or not there has been medical negligence in your case.

If you have a good medical negligence claim, they will tell you. 

Accessing your medical records

Accessing your medical records is a crucial step to putting a successful compensation claim together. From day one, the medical negligence firm should be talking about accessing your medical records and getting your permission to do so.

An expert firm will be able to quickly assess your medical records and use their in-house skills to pinpoint exactly how, where and why the medical negligence happened.

Drafting a letter of claim

Drafting a letter of claim to the negligent party should be discussed at your very first meeting with a genuine medical negligence solicitor. A letter of claim outlines your case and asks for the compensation due to you.

Your solicitor should have the experience to draft a letter of claim and know the amount you should receive in compensation. 

A good medical negligence firm will draft and send the letter of claim to the alleged negligent party within eight weeks. Traditional, old-fashioned firms can take a couple of years to draft the letter of claim as they don’t have the in-house skills or require external expert input.

You want to see action on your case and receive the money when you need it.

Look for a firm that runs fast cases

Look for a firm that runs cases of medical negligence quickly. You want a firm that operates much faster than traditional solicitors and gets a successful and timely conclusion to your compensation claim at full value.

A firm such as Medical Negligence Team runs cases much faster than traditional firms and settles cases quickly. Our team of solicitors also have a career win rate 50% higher than the industry average.  

Medical Negligence Claim Assessment

Take our 5-minute claim assessment to determine the strength and validity of your case. This is a 100% cost and commitment free service.

How much do I pay a Medical Negligence solicitor if I win?

You should not have to pay a medical negligence solicitor anything if you win your case. When your case wins, the negligent party pays your medical negligence solicitors’ fees. Never let anyone take money from your compensation claim.

If your medical negligence claim wins, a genuine medical negligence solicitor firm, such as The Medical Negligence Team, will pay you 100% of the compensation received. 

A 100% Compensation Guarantee

A 100% Compensation Guarantee policy is the only way to get all the money awarded to you. You should insist on finding a firm that operates such a policy.

By finding a medical negligence solicitor who will pay you 100% of the compensation awarded, you will receive all the money you deserve for suffering the effects of medical negligence.

No success fee required

A ‘success fee’ is when a solicitor says they need to charge you for winning the compensation claim by taking money from your compensation.

Some firms charge up to 25% of your compensation, if not more, for guiding your claim through all the steps to winning the case

The firms will then, more than likely, introduce various other ‘deductions.’ In some cases, they may leave you with only 60 to 65% of the compensation you were awarded. 

Fees they charge although they have already been paid by the negligent party.

Always insist on receiving 100% of your medical negligence compensation.  

How much do I pay a Medical Negligence solicitor if I lose?

You pay nothing to a medical negligence solicitor if you lose a compensation case. Your firm of medical negligence solicitors should operate a policy where there is not any risk to you, the injured party.

A No Win No Fee policy

A No Win No Fee policy takes all of the financial risks off your hands. A medical negligence firm should operate a No Win No Fee policy and ask about this before agreeing to become a client.

You should never have to pay a solicitor firm anything if you lose your claim.

No win no fee solicitor

Have you suffered from Medical Negligence?

You can find a medical negligence solicitor by submitting your details on this page. You can also go to the Contact Us page on this website. 

By contacting the Medical Negligence team, you will find a firm of solicitors with the expertise and experience for fighting your case. We operate a No Win No Fee policy and fight cases on a 100% Compensation Guarantee basis. 

You will be working with a medical negligence solicitor firm with solicitors, doctors and nurses as part of the full-time team. We do nothing but medical negligence and know how to fight each case.

Contact the Medical Negligence Team today for all your medical negligence needs.

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