A gastroenterology negligence claim seeks compensation for the harm you suffer for medical negligence during your treatment. You could suffer a delay in diagnosis, a misdiagnosis, or errors in treatment when you experience gastroenterology negligence. 

Gastroenterology problems can be painful and can affect your ability to work and live a normal life. You could suffer fears about exercising and being out in public. To discover you suffered gastroenterology negligence will only make you feel worse, and you could have a medical negligence claim for compensation. 

You may suffer months or years of unnecessary pain, anguish, and discomfort due to the medical negligence of poor gastroenterology care. If you suffer below acceptable gastroenterology treatment by a medical professional, you might be able to claim compensation from those responsible. 

A No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitor can make your claim for gastroenterology negligence and get you the compensation you deserve.

Gastroenterology negligence claim

What is gastroenterology negligence?

Gastroenterology negligence is less than professional treatment when you suffer from gastroenterology problems. It could be you received the wrong diagnosis of a condition, the wrong gastroenterology treatment, or suffered injury during surgery. 

Any form of gastroenterology negligence only allows the condition to get worse, causes delays with your correct treatment and could even put your life in danger. 

Medical negligence is medical care below that any other medical professional acting at an acceptable level would provide. In a gastroenterology negligence case, the NHS hospital or private care clinic has not provided you with an acceptable level of medical care. 

Your No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitor can look at your case and see if you have a valid gastroenterology negligence claim for compensation.

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Common claims for Gastroenterology negligence

Common claims for gastroenterology negligence range from missing the signs of a condition to prescribing the wrong treatment and the misdiagnosis of a gastroenterology problem. 

When you suffer gastroenterology negligence, your health suffers, and you could face a lifetime of chronic illness and discomfort. You could have a gastroenterology claim for negligence. 

Common gastroenterology claims for negligence are:

Common claims for Gastroenterology negligence

Misdiagnosis of Crohn’s disease

A misdiagnosis of Crohn’s disease can lead to the condition getting worse, more suffering due to any incorrect treatment and years of pain and discomfort. 

You go to a gastroenterologist for a diagnosis and a correct treatment path. For the doctor or hospital consultant to misdiagnose Crohn’s disease as a lesser condition can cause many issues with your health. 

You could have a claim for medical negligence if you are a victim of a misdiagnosis of Crohn’s disease.

Bowel damage during surgery

Bowel damage during surgery is medical negligence and can leave the patient worse off than before the operation.   

The negligent surgeon performs surgery at less than acceptable levels and cuts through the lining of the bowel during a routine operation. 

A nick to the bowels can cause faecal matter and other contaminants to leak into the body and cause acute infection. The cut could also lead to long-term damage and illness. 

You could fall very ill and have a claim for medical negligence.

Missed diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Missed diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS, like any misdiagnosis of a medical condition, should never happen, but it does, and you could suffer from the medical negligence.

IBS has many symptoms, but the hospital consultant should order the correct tests and even refer you for further examination before diagnosing your digestive condition. 

A missed diagnosis of IBS will lead to it getting worse, and you may have a gastroenterology negligence claim for compensation.

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Negligence during an endoscopy or colonoscopy

Negligence during an endoscopy can lead to the endoscope perforating the bowel or part of the large intestine. The gastroenterologist should always handle the equipment with care and at a professional standard. 

The gastroenterologist should ensure the tests ordered for the endoscope are carried out as requested. They should also ensure the equipment is working correctly and any signs of disease are not missed. 

A gastroenterologist must use the endoscope with care and not make errors during an endoscopy.

Incorrect treatment for a gastroenterology condition

Incorrect treatment for a gastroenterology condition should never happen, and it would not if the gastroenterologist is providing a service at an acceptable level. 

Incorrect treatment for a gastroenterology condition could be ordering surgery when there is an alternative treatment. 

It may also be prescribing medication when a change in diet is needed or ordering surgery without investigating first with an endoscope.

Misdiagnosis or a missed cancer

Misdiagnosis or a missed cancer happens a lot on gastroenterology negligence claims. The doctor misses the signs of the cancer somewhere in the digestive system and gives the patient the all-clear, only for the cancer to grow and become difficult to treat. 

A doctor may also misdiagnose a cancer as an infection and try to treat it with antibiotics, medication or dietary changes, which can delay the correct treatment for the cancer. 

Cancer misdiagnosis errors in gastroenterology negligence are:

  • Stomach cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Bowel cancer
  • Oesophageal cancer

Gastroenterology negligence can cause many issues and lead to delays in starting the correct treatment.

If you suffer gastroenterology negligence, you could have a medical negligence claim for compensation.

Compensation for Gastroenterology negligence claims

You can seek compensation for gastroenterology negligence claims in amounts from the low £10,000s to over £10 million in some cases. 

The compensation varies depending on several factors, and gastroenterology negligence claims sometimes see very high awards, such as when a patient passes away or suffers a lifetime of unnecessary suffering and chronic pain.  

Compensation amounts in gastroenterology negligence claims can be:

  • Failing to administer the correct dose of treatment medication – £32,000
  • Not referring a potential bowel cancer patient for treatment – £41,500
  • Failing to treat an injury from the endoscopy – £53,800
  • Damage to the bowels following surgery – £56,200
  • Delays in beginning a course of gastroenterology treatment – £85,500
compensation claim calculator

All amounts are approximate and are only a guide to what is possible in gastroenterology negligence claims. Figures can be high in some claims as you or a loved one could need long-term care and may face medical bills for life. You may be able to claim for these care expenses and the medical costs in the future. 

As in all medical negligence claims, each case is dealt with on merit and how much the patient suffers due to gastroenterology negligence complications. 

A No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitor will be the one to advise you on a gastroenterology negligence claim. They will know from experience what your case may be worth and how to make a successful claim. 

Your No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitor will handle your gastroenterology negligence claim for compensation and for all damages incurred.

Our Process

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Medical Evaluation

Once you have spoken with our team we’ll let you know how we can help. Typically the next step is to obtain your medical records for us to review.

Legal Letter

Once all your medical records have been received they will be reviewed by a medically & legally qualified member of our team. If there is evidence of medical negligence we will send a letter of claim to the negligent party outlining your medical negligence claim.

Who is eligible for gastroenterology negligence compensation?

The patient who suffers from complications due to gastroenterology negligence may be eligible for compensation. They are the ones who have suffered, and the clear medical negligence could lead to the condition going untreated for a long time. 

The delays in their treatment could sometimes lead to years of unnecessary suffering and the patient’s early death. 

If a patient passes away due to gastroenterology negligence, the ones left behind may have a claim for medical negligence. 

Loved ones in a medical negligence case are known as ‘dependents’ and can be:

  • A spouse or former spouse of the deceased
  • Someone who lived with the deceased for two years before death as a husband, wife, or civil partner.
  • Blood children, adopted children or those who became children through marriage or civil partnership
  • Parents and those acting as parents, such as a guardian or step-parents
  • Grandparents or great-grandparents
  • Brothers, sisters, cousins, and other direct relatives

When you are a victim of gastroenterology negligence or have lost a loved one through gastroenterology negligence, you may have a claim for compensation.

What can you claim for when you sue for gastroenterology negligence?

You can claim compensation for any damages that occurred when you sue for gastroenterology negligence. 

There are two types of compensation damages due when suing for any type of medical negligence: General damages and Special damages.

General damages are when you sue for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity, PSLA, you have experienced due to negligence. 

  • Pain is that above what is normally expected for your procedure. 
  • Suffering is the inconvenience and changes to your life that cause you discomfort. 
  • Loss of Amenity is any difficulty you have in doing everyday tasks, such as walking, sitting, playing sports, and sleeping.

Special damages include loss of earnings, future care costs, and out-of-pocket expenses. 

  • Loss of earnings includes compensation for time off work and any reduction of your income in the future. 
  • Future care costs are for any care you will need as a result of medical negligence. 
  • Out-of-pocket expenses cover medical appointments, travel, accommodation, and meals. 

Be sure to keep payslips, receipts, and proof of any losses you experience due to the medical negligence.  

You deserve compensation to cover all losses, including loss of life, medical costs, and long-term care needs. 

When you or a loved one suffers from the effects of gastroenterology negligence, you can make a claim for gastroenterology negligence compensation.

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Gastroenterology diseases and disorders

Gastroenterology diseases and disorders can cause discomfort, chronic and even a lifetime of disability. You could have problems with leaving the house and in doing your work. 

A gastroenterologist should diagnose your condition and put you on a course of treatment with the aim of recovery or of living with the disorder. 

Common gastroenterology diseases and disorders:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, IBS
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Stomach cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Bowel cancer
  • Oesophageal cancer
  • Gallstones
  • Hernia
  • Gallbladder issues
  • Diverticular disease
Gastroenterology diseases and disorders

There are many conditions associated with gastroenterology diagnosis and treatment. The gastroenterologist must give you treatment of an acceptable standard, below which no other doctor would provide care. 

It is gastroenterology negligence when a doctor fails to give you treatment at an acceptable and professional level.

Who is responsible for gastroenterology negligence?

A medical professional is responsible for any gastroenterology negligence. When you bring a claim for gastroenterology negligence, you claim against the NHS Trust or private clinic that employed the medical professional responsible.

A medical professional responsible for the gastroenterology negligence could be:

  • The doctor who failed to order a gastroenterology examination
  • The surgeon who missed the signs of bowel injury
  • The hospital consultant who failed to refer the patient to gastroenterology
  • The nurse who administered the incorrect dose of medication
  • The hospital responsible for gastroenterology treatment protocols
  • The hospital responsible for hiring suitable medical professionals
  • The hospital responsible for providing gastroenterology medication
Who is responsible for medical negligence

Every medical professional owes you a duty of care when dealing with your health problems. You may suffer gastroenterology negligence if they are negligent with that duty of care and do not provide you with a professional service when under their care.

Medical negligence is treatment below an acceptable standard by a medical professional. Instead of putting the care needed into your gastroenterology care, the treatment team made avoidable errors, which is clear medical negligence. 

You may need to undergo years of treatment to correct the errors of gastroenterology negligence. By behaving less-than-professionally, the doctor risks your health, and the effects could be with you for life.

You can claim compensation for the gastroenterology negligence and get help getting your life back on track.

What are the steps involved in making a gastroenterology negligence claim?

The steps involved in making a gastroenterology negligence claim go from seeking medical advice to issuing court proceedings. 

The steps are a part of any successful compensation case, and settlement can happen at any stage in the process. 

Your medical negligence solicitor will do the rest when you follow the steps correctly and gather all the facts and figures.

Seek medical advice on the injuries you have suffered or are suffering immediately you realise you experienced gastroenterology negligence.

Contact a specialist medical negligence solicitor who operates on a No Win No Fee basis and tell them what went wrong. The right solicitor will look at your case, see where the problem lies, and advise if you suffered gastroenterology negligence. 

The Medical Negligence Team also have a 100% Compensation Guarantee scheme, where you get all the money awarded in a negligence claim. 

You are the one who suffered medical negligence, and you should get all the money due for the suffering.

Your medical negligence solicitor obtains your medical records with your permission. By reading your records, they will confirm if they think you have a valid gastroenterology negligence claim. 

The medical negligence team will know from your medical records if the case will result in compensation being paid.

The medical negligence solicitor sending a letter of claim to the negligent party is the next step. The letter will ask them to admit the gastroenterology negligence in what is known as ‘sending a letter of claim.’ 

When the negligent party receives the letter of claim, it has up to four months to provide a written response.

Getting a response from the negligent party’s insurer will move your compensation claim closer to a conclusion. 

The insurer will either admit the medical negligence or say they intend to defend the case. Deciding to defend the case is known as ‘deny liability’ in legal terms. 

If they admit liability, your gastroenterology negligence claim can be valued, and the two parties will meet to decide on your compensation payment. 

Your solicitor will negotiate with the negligent party and use their experience to get the compensation you deserve.

Issuing court proceedings is the next step if they deny liability in your gastroenterology negligence claim. 

Going to court happens, too, when they are not prepared to pay a fair amount for the injuries you have suffered. Your medical negligence solicitor issues the court proceedings. 

Remember that less than 1% of medical negligence cases end up in court, and very few of those cases ever make it to the courtroom.

making a medical negligence claim

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How long do I have to make a claim for gastroenterology negligence?

You have three years to make a claim for gastroenterology negligence. All medical negligence claims are subject to limitation periods. 

For example, in England and Wales, medical negligence claims must generally be brought and court proceedings issued within three years of the injury or three years of knowledge of the facts giving rise to the gastroenterology negligence claim. 

If someone has passed away, it is the date of death if the limitation period has not expired at the date of death. 

Children not under a disability typically have until they reach 21 to start a gastroenterology negligence claim or court proceedings. 

Persons with a disability, who lack capacity, are not subject to any limitation period.

Can I make a medical negligence claim on behalf of a loved one?

Yes, you can make a medical negligence claim on behalf of a loved one. Under UK law, if an injured party cannot represent themselves, then a loved one can take the case on their behalf.

Gastroenterology negligence is a perfect example of claiming on behalf of a loved one. The negligence could take a loved one’s life or leave them unable to make a claim.

Your loved one depends wholly on you and the family for care and to fight for their rights. By making a claim on their behalf for gastroenterology negligence, you are fighting for the compensation they deserve.

A parent can make a gastroenterology claim on behalf of a child while they are under 18. In some cases, the diagnosis of gastroenterology negligence is not made until a child is in their late teens. The child’s parents can make a compensation claim when the child is under 18, but the young adult can make one until they turn 21. 

A No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitor will work with you to win the compensation claim for the gastroenterology negligence.

Are you eligible for compensation?

If you want to obtain compensation for the negligence you have suffered, we have a simple 3 step process to make sure you get the money you deserve

  • Take our online assessment & speak with our team

  • Our team of doctors and lawyers will undertake a full medical review based on your medical records

  • We will send a legal letter of claim and our solicitors will pursue your compensation on your behalf

All case reviews are 100% cost and commitment free.

Using a No Win No Fee solicitor

Using a No Win No Fee solicitor is the only way to a successful gastroenterology negligence compensation claim. Your No Win No Fee medical negligence solicitor will not charge you for a claim you do not win. 

Always have a fee agreement in place before engaging a medical negligence solicitor. If they start talking of a ‘win fee’ or a ‘success fee,’ you should walk away. The negligent party insurers should pay all fees. 

The medical negligence solicitor should also operate a 100% Compensation Guarantee scheme. When you win the case, all the money awarded should go to you, not the solicitor. 

You are the one who suffered due to the gastroenterology negligence, and you deserve the compensation to get your life back to normal.

Using a No Win No Fee solicitor

Can I make a medical negligence claim against the NHS?

Yes, you can make a medical negligence claim against the NHS. Suing the NHS for negligence is not unusual. People sue the NHS for compensation for medical negligence and receive the money they deserve for the negligent treatment. 

There are between 8,000 and 10,000 successful medical negligence claims against the NHS each year—amounts in compensation claims awarded against the NHS range from £1000 to over £10 million. 

The amount of compensation you receive covers minor injuries such as scarring and serious life-threatening negligence, which leaves you with long-term care needs. 

We trust in and use the NHS daily and do not expect negligence. It happens, though, and the NHS has a dedicated team to handle medical negligence compensation claims, called NHS resolution. 

NHS Resolution has a responsibility to treat patients who seek compensation fairly. Patients pay for the NHS through their taxes; they deserve respect and the best medical treatment.

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